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Your privacy,  
our priority
Honor's privacy
protection philosophy
Privacy is a basic right of our users, and we've made privacy protection a prerequisite for all the products and services we
provide. From initial design to final delivery, we put privacy considerations into every step and give users autonomous control
over their personal information.
New privacy functions for Honor products
Designed for security, this independent security chipset offers hardware-level protection and secures key passwords.
With AI privacy call,you can make your phone calls at ease without worrying about sound leakage.
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Use the "Discover unknown Bluetooth tag" feature to detect hidden Bluetooth positioning devices and fend off malicious tracking.
Provide a full range of services by building on the
following five aspects of privacy protection
Information misuse prevention
Minimal permission
Suggest minimized permissions to your applications, keeping your private information from misuse.
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Minimal permission recommendations
Provide scenario-based recommendations on granting the least number of permissions that match app functions.
Identify scenario/usage-appropriate permissions by analyzing the basic functions of apps, and notify users of the recommended permission options.
Privacy access history
& risk report
Support transparent permission inquiry and privacy risk report generation. Optimization with one-touch ensures your security.
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Privacy access history & risk report
Display 7-day privacy access records and risk reports, analyze potential risks and provide optimization suggestions.
You can view permission access records by going to Settings > Privacy. A top 5 list will also be generated for apps that most frequently accessed the Camera, Microphone, Location, and Contacts permissions. Tap an app to see its detailed permission access history, including the times a permission was granted or denied. Also, apps with unnecessary permissions or frequent background permission activity can be easily optimized with a single tap.
Harassment protection
Permission notification reduction
Keep pop-ups down, your experience up.
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Permission notification reduction
No more permission request notifications will be shown when a permission request is denied twice in a row to avoid harassing the user.
Select “DENY” when an app first requests a permission and then select “DENY AND DON’T ASK AGAIN" when this request is shown again to stop receiving further notifications.
Data disclosure protection
Repair mode
Activate the "repair mode" to secure your data and keep privacy invisible conveniently and safely.
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Repair mode
When you send your phone in for repairs, just set it to repair mode so your photos, videos, text messages, messenger apps, contacts, audio recordings, payment apps, and mobile banking data remains hidden from the technicians handling your device.
Repair mode encrypts personal data using industry-leading algorithms to ensure encryption strength. When this feature is enabled, repair technicians can directly turn on the device for inspection and repairs without needing the lock screen password. When the repairs are done, the user can restore protected data by entering the lock screen password to disable repair mode.
Protect user behavior from being tracked
Position fuzzification
No matter where you are, people will only know "approximately" where you are.
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Position fuzzification
Enable Fuzzy location in apps that don't need high location accuracy to avoid tracking.
When this feature is enabled, location data will be fuzzified to within 1 square kilometer for apps that do not require high location accuracy. This function can be used in apps such as weather and dating platforms.
Snooping prevention
Projection privacy protection
Separate public information from the private when using screen projection, no more worry about "social death".
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Projection privacy protection
When projecting your phone screen to other devices, the login screens of apps will not be shown on the projected device by default. Also, WeChat messages, SMS, and other information will not be shown when projecting to HONOR Vision TVs.
When projecting your phone screen to PCs, tablets, and HONOR Vision TVs, your user name and password will not be shown if you are using the secure input method. When projecting to HONOR Vision TVs, chat messages will not be shown by default (this can be disabled if necessary).
Our five-dimensional privacy risk protection system
safeguards your privacy at all times.
Data minimization
Minimal personal data collection and only when necessary. Data is kept only for as long as necessary to achieve the purpose.
Transparency and controllability
Provide clear and unambiguous notices when collecting personal information to ensure that you know how it is being used. You also have the right to opt out at any time.
On-device data processing
Process and analyze data on-device whenever possible.
User identity anonymization
Use privacy-enhancing technologies to protect user identity and prevent tracking.
Use data protection technologies that are secure and reliable to safeguard your information.
Honor has established a set of scientific and effective
managemental and technical systems and was awarded the
most authoritative industrial certification.
ISO/IEC 27701
ISO/IEC 27701 is an international privacy protection standard jointly published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). As an extension of ISO 27001 and ISO 27002, it provides a complete framework for private enterprises, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and other social organizations regarding organizational governance, legal compliance, process regulation, information technology, supervision, and auditing. It is the world's first international standard for privacy information management and is currently the most authoritative, accepted, and applied privacy information management system internationally. Honor was awarded this certification thanks to its world-class privacy management systems.
ISO/IEC 27001
ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System is an internationally accepted and implemented system certification standard regarding information security. By obtaining this certification, Honor has demonstrated its ability to establish a scientific and effective information security management system that matches its developmental strategies—ensuring that the corresponding information security risks can be properly controlled.
-The information shown on this website (privacy protection features and product privacy features) is for reference only. Please refer to the features provided in the product for accurate information. Some features may only be available in certain countries or regions.
-The information shown on this website only applies to the Honor Magic UI mobile systems and certain applications. Please refer to relevant descriptions for the privacy features and functions of other Honor products (such as PC, Tablet, and TV).
-The information shown on this website applies to Honor phones with Magic UI 5.0 and above. Some content applies to Magic UI 3.0 and Magic UI 4.0.
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