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diamin_HONOR Community Team
[Winning Honor Smartphone] HONOR Magic Moments Monthly Challenge- Summer Symbol
Hi, HONOR fans! Welcome back!! Thanks for your active participation in the June Challenge! From your mirror photos, we see the scenery of the woods, oceans, beaches and cities, of course, there are lovely people and animals. We received so many interesting photos. You’re amazing! And we had announced the winners!!You can check this link to view the winners! Gallery - Featured | HONOR CLUB (Global) (hihonor.com) Summer is coming,when you think of summer, what scene comes to your mind? Record and share with us your understanding of "Summer Symbol", and the vivifying moment you see about summerti
Zane_88 Community Team
On a trip to Florence with Guerz and a new HONOR smartphone
This is the MID-RANGE SMARTPHONE that SURPRISES! Saturday afternoon, in the company of my friends Gabriele and Virginia, we took a technological walk in the historic center of Florence in the company of Guerz from the Evosmart channel. "Here is a different video than usual, we wanted to try Honor Magic 4 Lite in a different context and with a beautiful surprise at the end." Are you curious to know how it went? Then press play! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK-S4FqxixY I have known Gabriele since we were kids and it is thanks to him that I met the HONOR brand, I had also talked about it in th
liya2022 Community Team
MY HONOR Available on Google Play Store
HONOR is consistently working to offer better services and experiences to all users. This year a big move forward is, that HONOR Club will be merged with the HONOR service and the HONOR store to become a completely new app, MY HONOR. This means the users only need the same account to access the club, service and also store. Search for “MY HONOR” to download the new app from the Google Play store or simply download from the below link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.hihonor.phoneservice And since we are rolling updates to the “MY HONOR” app gradually. Thus, you may find only
Zane_88 Community Team
HONOR Magic4 Pro on GQ Italy
HONOR Magic4 Pro, the new premium smartphone that focuses on design and elegance The beauty of the curved display meets the symmetry of the rear camera perfectly aligned to the center: this is how HONOR has highlighted the fashion side of technology. Also on the new HONOR Watch GS3 HONOR celebrated the arrival in Italy of the new HONOR Magic4 Pro in an exclusive launch event in Milan. Within the evocative setting of Carlo al Naviglio, the new restaurant of chef Carlo Cracco and the Venetian entrepreneur Dino Scaggiante, perfectly illuminated by the skill of Expect Nothing, the light designer w
Stefania Saba Default
Super macro to the mini flower of sempervivum with HONOR X8